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Cool Kings Island Gear


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That's really cool! I was looking at the box for the King Cobra Nanocoaster (as advertised/for sale on Kings Island Gear) and was wondering when that cover picture was taken- does anyone on here know? I'm guessing it had to be pre-Son of Beast as there were trees behind the lift instead of the coaster towering behind it. Thanks in advance. :D

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I love being able to purchase Kings Island merchandise when either the park is closed for the season...or I don’t have a trip planned when something comes out that I want. (I have made about 4 orders in the past.)

With that said, I do have a complaint...I wish they wouldn’t release new things so sporadically. I placed an order for the new Beast cutout....then within’ 2 weeks they released the calendar...now here we are about 2 weeks later and the King Cobra stuff is released. Shipping costs add up. Also, they need to fix how their computer is computing shipping costs...if I order 1 of each of the King Cobra items and 2 calendars, shipping comes out to around $35.00! But, if I order the 2 calendars in one shipment, and the King Cobra items in another, the combined shipping is about $19.00?!

I do love the items though... just thought I would point out some flaws. ;)

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I ordered the King Cobra nanocoaster as soon as I saw it was available! I remember riding it a ton...at one time it was truly a groundbreaking idea.

Got them all in a display cabinet and would really love to see a original Bat nanocoaster one day to add to my collection!

Growing up with the park since the beginning, I was lucky to get my share of rides on so many classics at KI.


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