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[What if] Park exchange.

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This is a what if scenario just for fun. Imagine Cedar Fair, Herschend, Sea World, and Six Flags got together to discuss trading some of their parks amongst one another. Think of it like trading in a sports league. Who do you got? Be realistic obviously.

Example: Cedar Fair trades Michigan's Adventure and Dorney for the Great Escape and Six Flags America. (You get the idea)

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1 hour ago, BeeastFarmer said:

Dorney Park for Fiesta Texas.  Of course, CF wins big on this one:  a southern park, close to Schlitterbahn.  There would have to be some money involved.

But for SIX, it would eliminate a nearby competitor (either cross promote it or close it down) in a crowded market.

Six might want more than just Dorney for a park like Fiesta Texas. Cedar Fair would have to add an additional park to sweeten the deal.

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