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The Ultimate Phantom Theater Quiz

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These are not my questions but I did find them online at this website https://coasterbuzz.com/Forums/Topic/the-ultimate-pki-phantom-theatre-trivia-quiz

So how well do you think you know the Phantom Theater? Well try answering some of these questions to find out!

The answers are also posted on the site too! 

1. How many animated Maestro figures appear throughout the ride?
2. What does the back stage janitor say as he switches on and off the lights and shines a flashlight?
3. Name 4 of the magic tricks occurring as you pass by the magician's dressing room.
4. What is significant about the "doom buggies" or cars you ride in?
5. Name the following Phantom Theatre Characters:
- The soprano that hits the glass breaking high note.
- The stuntman that gets shot from a cannon.
- The magician.
- The little seen or heard tenor.
- The Shakespeare reciting actor
6. What does the levitating usher say to you just before your buggie enters the elaborate "theatre" stage scene?
7. Name the spooky character which only his hands are seen as he tries to escape from behind a creaking door.
8. What manufacturer built the ride conveyance system for the attraction?
9. What three items is the high note hitting soprano holding each time you see her throughout the ride?
10. How many air/wind effects are used on guests while riding the attraction?

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21 hours ago, Firehawk44 said:

Those are some tough questions, but not sure how much they can be trusted due to question #2 being wrong.  He is not a janitor but intead an usher.


LOL.  The question is accurate.  The character flipping the lights/using a flashlight, although not named afaik, was not an usher.  (I called him a janitor in the quiz, but he could have also been referred to as a stagehand I guess.)  The Usher(s) wore red and simply pointed, this guy was dressed differently and held a flashlight in his right hand, which he shined on buggies as they passed by.  ;-)  Photos below... courtesy DAFE... show the difference. The pic cuts off the flashlight.  



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