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New B&M Models?

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The title is a little clickbaity.

There's been a lot of discussions regarding B&M and their desire to play it safe and stay with the same formula. That doesn't mean that they can still not create new designs. The Surf Coaster model is definitely an intriguing project. What ideas do you have for new B&M projects?

I have a few:

  • Have 6 train dive coaster with the layout of a traditional flloorless to make something like a higher capacity infinity coaster
  • A low to the ground launched coaster
  • A return to their old school hyper twister model that you see with Raging bull with modified trains.

These aren't anything innovative or brand spanking new, just additions to their portfolio. The track design and trains would be the same as they have been.

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Isn't there kind of a long term rumor going around that B&M possibly made the wing coasters as a step to one-up S&S's 4D coasters?  I'm talking something like X2, not the compact versions.  

I'd also like to see them dabble in water coasters. 

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