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Kings Island Frontier themed Festival?

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Here's a layout concept I came up with for a Rivertown festival. Kinda similar to the Banshee Brew Fest, but it doesn't go all the way around BLSC. Instead, it starts between Diamondback and Backlot and has sections that end both by The Vortex area and the train station. They then open up the area next to the former Crypt building for some children's activities and have some interactive frontier style activities/games along the midway running along the arcade and down by The Beast. There is also a live music stage by the former entrance to the crypt that would house a bluegrass band:


KI Rivertown Festival layout concept.jpg

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Cedar Point does this event early in the season in the frontier town area of the park themed to the wild west known as the Frontier Fest. I was thinking, could KI do something similar to it in Rivertown? Maybe call it "Rivertown street fest" or something along those lines. Thoughts on this idea? 

Maybe, first we have to get a Rivertown back before you could have a festival.

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I love this idea! I have been saying for years that Rivertown needs more of spotlight. I think hosting a festival around the area would be killing two birds with one stone essentially, b/c if they're going to host it they would definitely re-vamp the area a bit. I also wish they would do more with the train ride! I have heard about the live actors that used to be throughout the train ride so something like that would be really awesome to bring back, or even wax figures set up in western scenes maybe!  

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