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Kings Island Web Cams 2021


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There is always something going on with the Webcam and always a "reason" it's offline. 

If you are not caught up on the craziness of the Webcam fiasco I recommend searching old topics and posts on its questionable history of being online and offline at all the right/wrong moments. I'm not even sure if the posts are still there so many were deleted.

To be honest, it would make a great Netflix mystery Documentary.

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40 minutes ago, SnakePlissken said:

It was confirmed at Winter Chill out that Cedar Point turns theirs to things like dirt and gravel when they are testing things in the park and they do not want people to see it. King's Island probably turns them off for the same reason.

It's entirely reasonable to not live stream initial ride testing because showing guests that things don't go perfectly (train makes it all the way back to the station) the first time, doesn't do anyone any favors.  Even if enthusiasts wouldn't mind. :)

What doesn't make sense is KI taking theirs down (intentionally or through system issues), but neither getting them back online by now or just openly stating that they do not have live webcams at this time, and they'll let us know in the future if that changes.  As I see it, KI has no live webcams until they announce otherwise; they're not just down, they're gone.

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3 hours ago, MrSourNinja said:

Guys I figured out why the webcams are still off B). IT is looking for people with experience in Windows 2000 and XP....



Yikes, but not surprising.  HR departments (not just Cedar Fair) often don't keep job descriptions up-to-date with new technologies.  It's also not unheard of to see a programmer job posting that "requires" someone with more years experience in a programming language than it's been out for.  :unsure: 

My favorite part of this job description: "Must have good communicaion skills".  Clearly that's something the author of this job description needs to work on.  :ph34r:

2 hours ago, silver2005 said:

^I think most of the rides that have computers run on them as well. 

Those don't run on Windows, or any desktop operating system.  The Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) run dedicated software for that purpose.  The IT department also likely has no knowledge of those systems, just the general office (desktop/laptop, printer, server, etc.) and POS (cash register) systems.  Maintenance has controls technicians to maintain the ride computers.

1 hour ago, silver2005 said:

One of my friends who briefly did tech support at KI though a co-op at UC told me one of the reasons Firehawk was down so much is that it ran on Vista. 

I'm gonna go with nope on that.  Either it's a joke or a troll. :lol: 

Vista was released in 2007, the year Firehawk reopened at KI as Firehawk, having been relocated from Geauga Lake.  Not only does the ride not run on Windows, but I doubt Cedar Fair ever used any Vista-based systems (it was very rare in business environments, since it sucked).  It's also common in business not to switch to a new version right away, and for industrial systems like a ride control system, they generally aren't updated to new operating systems, ever.  They're typically disconnected from the internet so there's little concern of new security threats (except for things like Stuxnet..).  And if it works, you leave it alone.

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