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Short Disney World Trip


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Hello fellow KI junkies, hope you all are doing well, I thought I’d just share some thoughts and photos from my recent trip to the Magic Kingdom back in January.      
I flew out of CVG and landed in Orlando at about 3 or so, I first went to Disney Springs and was definitely surprised at not only the lack of people there but one good piece of news is that everybody was following safety protocols and wearing masks which really put me at ease for the whole trip. 
After doing some shopping and eating at Disney Spings I packed up and went to the hotel for the evening excited for my Magic Kingdom trip the next day. 

I arrived via Lyft at the Magic Kingdom around 11 and planned to stay until about 10 that night. I took the monorail over to the actual park and after temperature check I was in! I rode Pirates of the Caribbean and Haunted Mansion the most and the only differences due to Covid were the plexiglass  that was in place in most of the queue lines, separation on boats and roller coasters of about two rows, plus on The Haunted Mansion, if your familiar with the Stretching Room, it was turned off and stretched to the top. For those unfamiliar with the room it is the preshow for the Haunted Mansion, essentially it’s a room that seems to stretch from bottom to top and reveal hidden portraits and things. A neat gag but Covid prevented the room from being used right now as you are tightly packed like sardines in there. So essentially you just walk through to the doom buggy loading area. 

The most I waited in line was 35 mins for Space Mountain, and overall crowds were small. Lines looked very long due to Covid restrictions like social distancing, but the waits were very minimal nonetheless. I rode everything I wanted to, and had brilliant weather. It was a great time if only it could have lasted longer. Also it was nice to see everyone having a good time even with mask wearing and other such things required. Overall though I had a wonderful time at the happiest place on Earth! 
Final ride count 
Pirates of the Caribbean- 4 rides Haunted Mansion-5 rides
Peter Pans Flight-1 ride  
Space Mountain- 1 ride 
Splash Mountain-1 ride 
Big Thunder Mountain-1 ride 

This is the Haunted Mansion graveyard scene just FYI. 



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Thanks for sharing your visit! Sounds like a fun day. I'm impressed that you did Pirates and Mansion a cumulative nine times in one day... I feel like it may lose the magic for me after a couple :lol:

This line really stood out: "...but one good piece of news is that everybody was following safety protocols and wearing masks which really put me at ease for the whole trip". I think Disney has done a phenomenal job at enforcing masks in their parks. I love the other Orlando parks, but there's definitely a difference when compared to Disney in the number of guests that opt to not properly wear masks and how the park chooses to enforce it.

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