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   Last weekend we traveled to Atlanta to visit my sister who surprised us with Six Flags Memberships, and a trip to SFOG.  I had never been to a Six Flags park, and was interested in seeing the DC theming.  I really enjoyed the Gotham City and Metropolis Park areas.  In my opinion they were very well done. The rest of park just kind of blended in with itself.  The park is kind of hilly, and when approaching areas there are signs telling you the grade of the hill, to use caution.   


      We did not get to ride all the coasters, more on that later. However we rode Superman, Goliath, Dare Devil Dive, Great American Scream Machine, Blue Hawk, Twisted Cyclone, Dahlonega Mine Train, Justice League Battle for Metropolis, and  Skyscreamer. 

     Goliath was the groups favorite the speed and ejector air was fantastic.  Rivals Diamondback as my favorite hyper. 

     Dare Devil Dive was a lot of fun. The lift hill was unique, and the elements were smooth and fast. The capacity was very low however, and the line was slow moving. 

     Superman was a lot of fun, and g forces were intense. 

     Twisted Cyclone was fun, but some members of the group did not like it because it was no where near the intensity of Steel Vengeance.

 Operations were very slow, and it felt like you the guest was requiring too much from the ride operators to dispatch a train. It was a very unwelcoming experience. However they did not have a 2-3 click rule or seat belts on most rides which made it more enjoyable, and less stressful on my bigger frame.

We did eat one meal, and it was a very slow , and seemed again we the guests were demanding too much out of the staff. We ordered 5 chicken finger baskets paid for 5, and received 3. After a brief discussion with an area manager, and showing our receipt did we finally receive the 2 other meals. Next time we will not bother with eating in the park. 

Shopping was a highlight all the employees were welcoming, and very helpful. They had a lot of shops throughout the park.

Membership services was a great success the young man who helped us was informative, polite, and quick to service. They need 1000 more of him. 

Security was horrible, and as the park grew more busy it got very dangerous. We saw 3 fights in lines, and in the midways. The midways became full of teenagers who dared you to walk into them so they could fight you. Once I realized what was going on we left that is why we did not get all the credits. Upon exiting we saw one man attacked by 4-6 kids in the main midway, and the police had crime scene tape up near our car where a car had been stopped and the windows busted out. 


Overall we had fun, but it is not fun to go with your family when you have to be on guard. I doubt we ever return, and if we do I will make sure to have some friends come along just for protection in numbers.  It is a beautiful park, but has problems. However Goliath and Dare Devil Dive are fun coasters. 

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I am glad you had fun. That park has been near the top of my list to visit ( We usually visit 5 new parks a year). Sorry to hear you felt unsafe at times. I have heard the last year or so that security has really tightened in this park 

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I just watched Coaster Studios vlog from last weekend at Over Georgia. Holy crap it looked packed. Basically looked like pre 2020 operations plus masks. Full trains and queues, lots of closed food and drink locations made for long lines for anything. 

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