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coaster sally

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48 minutes ago, FoF96" said:

What is up with Invertigo and Drop Tower? I’ve been here 3 times this year and they seem to have had significant downtime each of my visits.

Just bad luck maybe... I don't remember either of those rides being down during any of my visits this year. Actually, Invertigo went down while I was in line one time, but it must have been a minor issue because it was back up within 10 minutes.

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From what I saw, most of the food stands close at 10:00 PM today. I also noticed many of those Coca-Cola stands that sell pretzels open for the first time, and Rivertown Funnel Cakes was open. Staffing seems to have definitely improved, and I am glad we are now open until 10:00 PM again!

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28 minutes ago, Shawn Meyer said:

It's good to see that the Rivertown freestyle is actually open. I know everyone is talking about other things right now, but to me that's a good sign. Hopefully, it's like that in two weeks when I go next.

From what I have seen it has been open most days. I think nearly all food stands are open now which is very nice to see. Some of the midway games are closed which include two of the Sprite basketball shooting games and that soccer game by Diamondback, but I don’t think Kings Island ever intended to open these three games this year. I don’t even think they are still hiring for games. I know most people don’t care about the midway games being open, but when everything is open (rides, food stands, stores, and games), the park just feels more alive in my opinion.

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7 hours ago, Oldschool75 said:

ALERT ALERT FREESTYLE IS OPEN!!! dd55497f1e7c63831dcc2439a1063005.jpg

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The funny thing is that every time I have seen Rivertown Freestyle open this year, it has said temporarily closed outside the entrance. Instead of saying the actual hours it is open, it just says closed as if it is supposed to be closed. LOL!

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