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If KI were to open earlier in the season and stay open later, they would need a different workforce.  I think the most logical would be a senior workforce.  

One good thing from the pandemic is that I have seen more senior workers in the park than ever before.  We had a good conversation with two litter gitters who were retired (if I remember correctly, one was an engineer in his early 60's and the other was a school guidance counselor and was 55).  They loved it and said they plan on coming back next year even if pay is lowered.

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It was a busy, but good day in the park today. I spaced my coaster riding out (mostly due to the crowds and the heat - I just wanted to chill!), but I got in rides on Orion, Flying Ace Aerial Chase (for its 20th anniversary!), Flight of Fear (best ride this season, also an entertaining conversation with folks in line! :D), Blue Racer (the airtime literally felt like I was on a cushion of air) and Bat (a surprisingly intense ride in the front; also saw @Oldiesmann once back in Action Zone proper). Also rode the Carousel, Delirium and saw Busker Jam twice. Since it was crowded during the earlier part of my day, I took some time to explore and enjoy the nooks and crannies of the park, such as Tower Gardens, and the White Water Canyon path. Speaking of said path, I really enjoyed my time out there as the vines have grown in nicely and I had so much fun soaking people with the geysers (which now takes cards as well as cash). Also, the tokens they give out to put in the machines are really cool - on one side, it says "Souvenir of Kings Island Arcades" and on the other side is an older-looking park logo (but with "Kings Island" engraved in the seemingly current font style). There was also a tiny little alcove that was Tomb Raider's entrance and is used for Madame Fatale's entrance during Haunt where I sat down and later ate dinner (Subway was really good!).

Finally, as a PSA, Busker Jam's last show is next Sunday, so if anyone wants to see it (or see it again - I've already seen it 10 times, but I still love it!), next weekend will be your last chance. Also, next weekend is the last weekend for all the shows (including the Area 72 dance party) with the exception of the Peanuts Gallery and the Fireworks (that ends Sept. 6).

EDIT: According to my Pokewalker, I got about 25.423 steps today, mostly from my time spent at the park.

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Saturday was interesting. Things went down for a weather delay due to storms north of the park about 7:45 or so. I had planned on finishing off the last two and a half hours at the park with whatever I could get in Action Zone (Bat was a given, but since lines in that part of the park are typically long, I figured probably Banshee and Drop Tower but wasn't sure what else). Lots of people bolted at that point so everything was practically a walk on when things reopened 30 minutes later. That 30 minute delay ended up allowing me to get more rides in than planned. In addition to Banshee, Delirium and Drop Tower I also got a ride on Invertigo (best ride I've had on that coaster in a long time), Grand Carousel, Woodstock Express, Flying Ace and Surf Dog. The only coasters I didn't ride Saturday were Flight of Fear (didn't want to wait for it) and of course Great Pumpkin Coaster.

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