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Merging two chains

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Here's a scenario- the amusement park industry has been deeply affected by Covid-19 forcing chains to look into mergers. What two chains would you merge together and why? This is purely hypothetical and not meant to be taken seriously- although I ask that you be realistic. 

I'll start- Herschend and Sea World Entertainment

Herschend now operates 4 amusement parks in the southern US: Dollywood, Silver Dollar City, Wild Adventures, and Kentucky Kingdom. This chain is trying to grow. Now look at Sea World Entertainment who operates 6 parks: SEA Orlando/San Antonio/San Diego, Busch Tampa/Williamsburg, and Sesame Place. This chain is trying to recover from the animal rights controversy that has painted them in a negative light for years. Combining the chains would bring a grand total of 10 parks (as well as their water parks and Herschend's other attractions and hotels.)

This chain would become more dominate the southern market with 6 parks (7 if you include SWSA) and have a steady presence in both east and west coast markets. Platinum passes would allow people to visit multiple parks throughout the southern US.


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I think a merger like that would be complicated because of the foreign currency.  A Herschend takeover/merger with SEAS would be interesting.  I have often thought that some of the Sea World parks, particularly the two in Florida, and even the one in Texas could be a good fit for Cedar Fair.  Heck, even BGW would be a good fit, although it is close to KD.

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6 hours ago, CoastersRZ said:

Heck, even BGW would be a good fit, although it is close to KD.

If I was Cedar Fair and I was interested in acquiring BGW, I would push platinum passes where they could also hit up Dorney and Carowinds that are a few hours away. That or I would create a special pass for the Virginia parks that gets you access to just Kings Dominion and Busch Gardens Williamsburg. I still think just pushing Platinum passes would be the better route.

In terms of diversification I think that if both Virginia Parks were under the ownership of Cedar Fair one of the parks would have to change. These two parks have competed with one another for decades trying to outdo each other so I think that it would be hard to have them coexist in the same chain without one of them changing.

Hypothetically speaking, if Cedar Fair had control of both parks, I think Kings Dominion would be the one to change since it has already changed a lot over the past couple decades. They lost Volcano which was arguably one of their best coasters, and the rest of their coasters, with exception to Intimidator 305 and Dominator, are on the smaller side.

I don't think there would necessarily be a need to close Kings Dominion considering how populated the east coast and mid atlantic regions are but one park would have to be dominant. They could give Kings Dominion more unique rides that you wouldn't find at Busch Gardens. They would not have to be extremely thrilling but just unique enough to make Virginians want to travel to both parks multiple times.

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