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Anticipation For The 2021 Season Is Running High

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As we inch closer and closer to May 15th, Kings Island fans anticipation for opening day is getting higher by the minute. With the the recent webcams coming back online, they are giving us a small peak of the action as Kings Island starts to come back alive for a new season of FUN. Most KICentral members and other park fans are so ready to drive through the toll booth, scan their pass at the turn styles, and walk onto International Street for the 2021 season. There is just a sense of happiness that comes over you when entering Kings Island.

Your senses are transformed away from everyday life as you hear the sound of the fountains, see the jets of water shooting up, the combination of smells as you walk down International street, and being surrounded by rides in every direction. You are now ready to take on a day of coasters, flats, shows and food. If you have brought family or friends with you, it will be a day of making new memories that you will talk about for years to come.  As your smaller family members are growing and now ready to take their first ride on The Beast, Banshee, or Orion, these are rides they will remember when they grow up and bring their family to the park.

KICentral wants to acknowledge the wonderful employees at Kings Island for making it possible to have a clean and safe park for us to enjoy. We realize being in the winter weather repairing, fixing and getting rides ready for a new season is not an easy task. We want to thank everyone that had a hand over the off season to get the park ready for hopefully a (somewhat) normal operating season in 2021.  

 What excites you the most as your anticipation grows for the 2021 season at Kings Island?


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1 hour ago, JimParker85 said:

I am looking forward so much to getting back. VERY nervous about how well any CF park will be able to handle the anticipated high attendance, however. I must admit that, without the all season Fast Lane, I'd be much less excited. 

I have the same thoughts, Season FL is going to be very helpful this year. It sounds like the anticipation is going to drive long lines. I’m not nervous though, I think CF/KI will handle it well. 

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