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What I think they fail to recognize is that with all the pass add-ons, FL, etc., while bringing them additional revenue, also means that there is more demand for everything in the park than there was

The international workers are so important at CP. They relied on them heavily for resort, food and beverage and early and late season staffing. They also are susceptible to weather down time more than

I don’t think it was about the souvenir cup. I think her point is she paid for a locker and got in line, and now she’s being told that she isn’t allowed to wait in line - which would be fair grounds t

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13 minutes ago, King Ding Dong said:

Reports on pointbuzz indicate the storm was bad.  LHP pier has been severely damaged and some flooding in the park.

They will be closed tomorrow due to a staffing shortage:P  oh wait wrong park...

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On 5/28/2021 at 10:01 PM, disco2000 said:

Change pen to computer and you get the idea (this commercial is a little old LOL)...


(in case anyone doesn't get the humor - CF only has one computer for social media so they cannot get to everything as the Twitter employee didn't get their turn due to the email employee crafting an email :P)

Wait. What? :D

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I rode Snake River Expedition both today and yesterday! Very fun and clever ride; something really different than anything else at Cedar Point. Great theming all throughout too, complete with an IMAScore soundtrack! I’m really surprised I haven’t seen more people talking about this ride on the interwebs.


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Just saw on Facebook that the lift hill chain snapped on GateKeeper today while a train was ascending.  No injuries.  Cedar Point Connisuers Facebook group for pictures and commentary.


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