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Fun Spot America getting an RMC

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12 minutes ago, coaster sally said:

I should get some people together and buy the beach waterpark and install cheaper options that are awesome like an RMC, vekoma Bermuda blitz, and a intamin mega around 165'.  

Where would we ever find a large enough maintenance crew?

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I think that the press release was worded very carefully for a reason.  

I am glad to see Fun Spot Atlanta adding a coaster. 

That park is home to some former rides that used to operate at Coney Island (Carousel and Swing A Round).  Too bad Coney`s owner decided to throw in the towel on the rides, instead of investing in them like the owner of Fun Spot seems to be doing...

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I know it's the enthusiast take, but I feel like a ground up RMC I-Box is a no brainier for Kings Island on The Vortex plot (along with a few other parks). Mack Extreme Spinner would be amazing, but the value and top tier ride experience that these can give just make it so appealing. You also don't have the supposed marketing issue that I-Box conversions have. Zadra was 15-16 million in USD and it could be the best coaster in Europe, and this medium sized coaster installation looks fantastic. 

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11 hours ago, ThrillKingsFitzy said:

The name is in honor of the CEO’s dad because apparently his dad always had a dream of flying a plane to space. Their last name is Arie. So it does have some meaning.

Ok, that makes sense; I was confused on the name when I first saw the video.

BTW, this looks really cool. That layout packs a lot of elements in there!

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