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GOLIATH @ Six Flags Great America


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We just visited Six Flags Great America on 6/3, 6/4, & 6/8.

Wow to Goliath!!   I SO wish that KI would have gotten a ground up RMC ride just like GOLIATH rather than Mystic Timbers.  It is so FUN, so smooth, so flippy, and so many headchoppers. What a blast! 

Six Flags Great America is a HOT park (all black asphalt everywhere)!   Also very annoying you have to walk the whole "loop" to get anywhere.  NO "cut throughs" in the middle... 

The landscaping/maintenance at Kings Island totally destroys Six Flags Great America!  Almost every bush and tree are WAY overgrown and spilling into the que lines, tons of weeds on every flower bed, and many unmowed areas.  LOTS of painting needed and dilapdated looking structures in a lot of places that need repair.  If no one was there you'd sware it was an abandoned park...  Pretty bad in that area.

Raging Bull DEFINITELY rivals Diamondback.  Very different. My 13 son likes it better than Diamondback. 

Maxxforce is awesome but wouldn't wait more than 20min for it again.

Also had major staffing problems at concessions and drinks.  Long lines, and only about half of the places open.

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I had the chance to visit Six Flags Great America in 2019 and agree that Goliath is an incredible coaster. It packs an insane amount of thrills in a relatively compact footprint, and even though it's on the short end in terms of duration, it was probably my favorite coaster at that park. However, I'm personally glad Kings Island got Mystic Timbers and would choose it over Goliath.

I really enjoyed the park, though it definitely had its flaws. I think visiting some other parks in the country has really made me appreciate having Kings Island so accessible growing up... it really is a top tier park.

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I went to SFGAM for two days in 2008 and enjoyed my time there. Raging Bull was actually my very first B&M Hyper and Superman was my first (and only) B&M Flyer. I remember enjoying most of the coasters (Batman, Whizzer and V2 were really good - V2's holding brake was interesting), but Iron Wolf was terrible and American Eagle was meh. Also, Dark Knight opened that year and was good, but not worth the 2 hour wait.

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