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Help! I’m 6 foot 5, about 300 lbs and I need to know if I will fit before I go!!


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Hello, I’m planning a trip to Kings Island soon, and was wondering what rides I would be able to ride, because I have some trouble on some of the rides at Cedar Point. I was unable to ride Valravn at Cedar Point because I have a long torso, but I also have kinda long legs as well. I know Banshee has kind of the same situation with the harness for riding as Valravn, as they are both B&M. But what rides do you, or someone you know have trouble with or not have trouble with at Kings Island? I thank you in advance as I really hope to ride at Kings Island 

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I am pretty much your exact dimensions, 6'5" and a muscular 304. Everyone is different. I have the most trouble with Drop Tower and Flight of Fear. Banshee has longer seatbelts in rows 4 and 5 but has a test seat outside. Orion and Diamondback can be tight for me as you need 3 clicks. Try to sit as far back in your seat as possible. You only need 1 click on Mystic Timbers so if you've been on other GCIs with Millennium Flyers, you'll be fine. Beast and Racer have your typical PTCs where you will need 2 clicks. Try sticking your feet out to the side to give yourself more room on those.

Best of luck to you from a fellow big guy.

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Drop Tower does not like tall people. If you're somehow able to fit in, it'll hurt like hell. B&M's should work fine, as well as Mystic. Racer and Beast will be iffy but if you do fit in it may be painful. In previous years, ride operators were allowed to exert a great deal of force to get restraints to lock. In 2020, operations cut down on that and now operators can only use minimal effort to fit guests in.


I wouldn't worry too much. Even if you can't fit in a ride, no one judges or cares. Most guests aren't even paying attention. Ride operators are used to it as it happens all of the time. Especially on crews that operate tighter rides. Kings Island has a lot to offer for tall guys so either way you'll have a good time!

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