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First KI trip in two years.


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Hello all, hope you are all doing well in these post-Covid times, I had the opportunity to go up to the Island of Kings last week for the first time since 2019 and I didn’t miss the chance! 

    I didn’t go to KI last year so I had not had the chance to ride Orion yet, but actually the first thing I rode when arriving to the park was the reworked Racer and it felt like stepping into a time capsule. I also love the old fashioned sign and logo on the trains. It was so smooth for The Racer and legit felt like a different ride than years past. Even in the back seat it felt smooth as butter, I was throughly impressed. With the slight Drizzle meant no lines, so I headed over to Orion admittedly a little nervous but excited beyond comprehension. I had long dreamed of riding this coaster. I rode middle of the pack and first off I really like the speedy lift hill. Makes for a quick flight up. The first drop was amazing as well as the next part where you are literally going sideways. The rest of the ride went by so fast that I had to ride it again and while I do think that I wish it was a bit longer I still really am glad we have a Giga. That first drop is amazing! Vortex not being there was so weird and I hope they give that spot a good replacement. I was also pleasantly surprised to see that Boo Blasters has most of its effects working and also I got a higher score than I think I ever have so my blasters were on point that day. Overall I had a great day and I look forward to many more! 


View of the former Vortex spot from The Beast train.


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