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Block Zones: Multiple sections or slow chains?

Block Zones  

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On rollercoasters a block zone is a section of ride that only one train may occupy at a time. At the end of a block zone there is a method to stop the train, in case the block zone ahead is still occupied. This is the safety system that prevents rollercoaster trains from colliding with one another.

-El Toro Ryan

Block Zones are essential for a coaster as they increase rider safety as well as help a coaster's capacity. More often then not many enthusiasts complain about excessive block zones or their unusual placements such as in GateKeeper and Yukon Striker. In contrast you have coasters that have altering chain lift speeds to counter this but as a result enthusiasts complain of a slow moving train like The Beast.

As a rider what do you prefer- more block zones or a slower chain lift?

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