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Coasterstock 2021 Updates


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Just now, Diamondback2112 said:

Has there been any discussion of changing the schedule today due to the weather? I tried joining the Coasterstock 2021 Facebook group for updates but the request is still pending as of today. 

Nothing we have heard.

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Flight of Fear is only comfortable with people with extremely small feet.  There is no room in the floorboard unlike back yard.  Premier trains like on full throttle are even better.

The second row on each car has more foot room, As it isn’t over the wheel.

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19 minutes ago, disco2000 said:

Wait, is this an add-on to the agenda:P

Is it like a scavenger hunt or something.  I guess I better look around for a lost pass LOL.  

He probably dropped it at the Rivertown FS taking a picture for @King Ding Dong

@Mystic1017 found my pass at Orion last night. It somehow came out of my pocket (I thought was zipped .)

So yes, KIC add on Coasterstock item, look for  members passes! :ph34r:

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