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Blog Meetups Making A Return?


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  • IndyGuy4KI changed the title to Blog Meetups Making A Return?
12 minutes ago, DonHelbig said:

There's nothing to see in the maintenance shop when the park is open, unless bare walls and a floor interest you. 

Seeing where trains are rebuilt in the winter interests me. I'm sure I am not the only one.

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It's been a long time since i've seen The Sign Shop, that was cool back in the day....so I would also be up for that again. I have always wanted to get a closer look at the buildings along the train route. I doubt it could happen because of safety issues, but I would like to go up to the lower level observation deck on The Eiffel Tower...just for old times sake. The "graveyard" (with the discarded park items) would be fun. I like coasters...but I would classify myself more of a overall park fan...so I love seeing anything that is something behind-the-scenes that the general public doesn't usually get a chance to see. :)

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13 hours ago, chuck norris said:

I obviously don’t understand what a blog meet up is.

Don will post on the BLOG a date and time for a meetup. If I remember correctly, the first to sign up for the allotted amount of people get to participate. 

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12 minutes ago, chuck norris said:

The green houses back by The Bat.
Maybe The dormitory?
Action theater (as I wasn’t a park goer when it was running)

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Actually Action Theater / Urgent Scare lights on would be really cool!!

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2 hours ago, disco2000 said:

It is surprising KI hasn't offered a paid opportunity for something like this like a few other parks do for a ride.

On the contrary, I’m surprised that some parks do have that offering.

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