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Man climbs Six Flags Roller Coaster to hand out water

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Reading her Facebook post is honestly like listening to a parent make excuses for why Little Johnny broke a rule and shouldn't be in trouble. She blocked me for commenting on the fact her husband asked a food service employee to risk their own safety and job for LOTO which I doubt they would be certified for. And that by entering a restricted area the operators had to perform an estop at minimum, and could have actually lengthened the amount of time the guests were stuck vs being able to complete a circuit depending on the procedure.

I wouldn't like being stuck either, but would I really want to drink water if the amount of time before I could get to a restroom was yet to be determined? :huh:

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You might have thought you were helping, but you didn't think much.  You had no idea what the status of the ride was, what the procedure was and how well it was being executed.  I certainly wouldn't want a water bottle when, as she claims, I'm going to be sitting on a lift hill for at least an hour with no bathroom.  It'd be warm in no time and then I'd need a restroom.

She complains that they were allegedly still sitting on the lift hill an hour later, but she does not realize how much of that alleged delay he caused.

She also complains that the food stand cashier wasn't going to bring water bottles to the riders stranded on the hill.  Well, duh, that's for park operations to handle, not a random cashier nearby who knows little more than how to serve snacks and drinks, and cash them out.  Not the biggest fan of Six Flags, but I expect they have procedures in place for these things, especially on a toasty OKC day.

I can't comment on the operations of that park, but I will note that I was once on Mystic Timbers in the shed when the power to the ride went out.  There was a train in the station, fortunate for them.  In the shed, it was quite toasty, but at least enclosed.  Unfortunately for them, there was also a loaded train stacked out back, baking in the Sun.  After being manually released and escorted around the corner into the station, we were provided with, wait for it..

Cold Dasani bottles!  No need for a guest to trespass through a restricted/LOTO zone; the park had it covered.

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