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Wicked Twister vs Invertigo


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If Invertigo had restraints like what Vekoma has done with their standard Boomerangs like at HP and Carowinds, I'd potentially say tie, but I prefer Wicked Twister between as they are now, especially riding WT in the back (going up the backwards spike in the back when the launch is maxed out is awesome).  

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I have ridden both quite recently, but I would have to give the edge to Invertigo. Yes Wicked Twister does have the launch, but after the first boom of acceleration the launch seems to cut off quite quickly, but those spikes are still a blast. The reason I give the edge to Invertigo is that I would say any seat will give you a crazy ride, even the middle, but some seats on Wicked Twister are just kind of eh. But don't get me wrong, Wicked Twister is still an incredible ride.

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