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Under-invested parks?

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I haven't been to near as many parks as a lot of people on here, but on my 1 visit to ValleyFair, I wondered why that park received so little love.  We did not originally plan to attend, but on a trip up that way to visit my wife's family, we found out that my wife's cousin was going to be there at the same time we were swinging thru Minneapolis, so we altered plans and met him and his kids there.  Obviously, the attendance numbers must be lower otherwise it would receive more love from CF.  Minneapolis is a huge city in its back yard, but i suspect the Dells pull a lot of the would be Wisconsin population away from an annual visit or two.  Lots of Iowa and South Dakota plates in the parking lot but neither are huge population centers.

Anyhoo, Mystic Timbers is my favorite ride at KI, I like Renegade a tad bit more than Mystic (though perhaps some of that is because it was my first CGI and I had 0 idea of what to expect; it blew my son and I away).

wild thing has a great first drop, fantastic air time hill on the 2nd hill, and solid set of bunny hills at the end, unfortunately the middle section takes away a lot from the ride.

Maybe give some TLC to High Roller, add in a decent invert and a modern looping coaster (I think their version of corkscrew is the only looper out there and well we all know how those bang you around) and you would have a very solid set of coasters.  throw in some decent flats (not a bad set of flats last time I went, though flats are not my thing as I can't do a bunch of spinning things) and you'd be cooking.  Don't know if the area would support that kind of investment or not.

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On 8/11/2021 at 2:56 PM, Gabe said:

MA has always been the ugly stepchild of the CF chain.  Before they got their Planet Snoopy expansion last year, I don't think there was any investment other than upkeep in almost a decade.

In my opinion I think Michigan's Adventure should receive one small scale thrill coaster. On one hand if the coaster does well and increases attendance then they might be invested in more in the future. On the other hand if it doesn't change attendance all that much then the park's got a new coaster that will hold them over for at least two decades

Something like Tantrum would be perfect


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As my adopted home park, I will say that CF really needs to dump the "out of sight, out of mind" mindset with WoF and do a GOOD installation there, instead of swing ride relocations and half-a$$ed retrack projects on Timber Wolf.  While the work they did on it was good, with the amount of it that they have done in the past few years, the best move for the park would have been to have RMC re-invent it a'la Mean Steak/SV.  Though Id like to see a completely fresh installation, Id definitely not mind if CF relocated Wicked Twister there.

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