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Best and worst decisions by owners


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Taft:  Best is Opening the park.  Worst is backing down from resort destination to regional park.

KECO:  Best-growing the park and the company.  Worst:  Selling to Parmount.

Paramount:  This is difficult because it was Paramount/VIacom/CBS.  Started good but went bad.  Best was early days-bringing in movie IP while respecting KI tradition.  Worst:  The Junkyard coaster placement or the SOB fiasco.

Cedar Fair:  Best-thier coaster selection and a focus on nostalgia.  Worst:  Taking KI from a movie park to a generic park in the early years.  I understand IP issues, but as they took out Paramount, the history of KI was ripped out too.  Glad the current owners are restoring.  

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Best- Decision to include roller coasters in the park after they were generally regarded as old fashioned post-Disney. The Racer and The Beast specifically. Impeccable landscaping and attention to detail in area theming. Above all Kings Island is a special place.

Worst- The Bat


Best- World class kids' areas with relevant IP. Outer Limits: Flight of Fear, Action FX Theatre. Theming was excellent when they wanted it to be. A new attraction was added almost every year.

Worst- General decline in park appearance/ cost cutting in landscaping. In hindsight the years from 2000-2005 were the worst 5 year period in park history. 

2000- Son of Beast a very ambitious failure

2002- Tomb Raider: The Ride was a failure

2005: Italian Job: Stunt Track replaces the charming Antique Cars and provided cover to relocate the Flying Eagles.

The parks were downright dirty in some places towards the end of the Paramount era. I remember the walls of The Racer brake tunnels covered in gum and writing.

Cedar Fair

Best- Diamondback- The first successful major coaster in 13 years. All major coasters have been well received and are reliable. Rides are rarely closed. Have largely corrected mistakes from CBS era (later years) Paramount.

Worst- Diamondback- destroyed Swan Lake. Royal Fountain "revamp", Major de-emphasizing of live entertainment/special events, Fast Lane Plus and meal plans. Kids' area does not receive the attention it did in the Paramount era. Years with no additions are commonplace and non-coaster additions are scarce.

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