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11 hours ago, mikejenkins1 said:

So I have heard nothing about wicked twister since announced closing.

Is this ride going to scrap yard or another park r what?

It is cheaper to just let it continue to sink.  Come 3978 expect a movie scene similar to this.


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On 10/11/2021 at 10:01 PM, DoomPlague said:

The queue is on the other side of the station. I believe nothing has changed there.

It looked entirely intact last Thursday.  Train parked in the station like they just went home for the night; only real sign of the ride's impending doom was the pair of construction offices built out of shipping containers adjacent to the ride where the facility last known as Extreme Sports Stadium once stood. 

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Sounds like they are waiting for the park to close for the season to start demolition. 2023 is probably when we'll see the replacement unless it's just small beachfront upgrades. Honestly, I think it would be cool if they relocate Sling Shot and/or Frontier Fling over to the beachfront and install an arcade along the boardwalk and a beach shop and maybe a restaurant/ice cream stand there. Make it like Daytona Beach where it has the giant Sling Shot on the beachfront with a lighting package. 

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