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Kings Island Unveils special 50th Anniversary Celebration Logo

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6 hours ago, beastfan11 said:

We don’t know how long or hard this took to create. I love the park, but don’t view everything through rose colored glasses. In this case, it seems like the design is “borrowed” and the Cedar Fair brand identity was incorporated for Kings Island. I don’t think it’s disrespectful to point that out. These could be directives that come from higher ups in the company for all we know. 

Moving on…

This could be a fun contest like the slogan thing a little while back. 

I think it’d be cool to incorporate the vintage logo like many others have suggested. Simplifying the design elements could really help it pop. Instead of using the whole tower, why not use a silhouetted, solid color image of the top 1/4 of the tower. The “50” could be incorporated in the observation deck area and use the same text style as the vintage Taft logo. The background could be similar to @KIghostguy’s awesome book, but with different, complimentary colored angled stripes to give it a celebratory feel.  

I'm sure many users here could have made a great logo as well, would have been fun to see the park put out a contest for it.


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On 11/3/2021 at 8:49 AM, beastfan11 said:


Yeah, I’ll echo these sentiments about the 50th logo. That is some Microsoft Paint level design work. I’m not trying to be rude, but… yeah. From a professional stand point it might’ve been a good idea to throw a few more bills if this is going to be prominently featured. 

Glad to hear about The Racer, though. This would be the time for that OG paint scheme!

Agree. It’s just not that good. New font, old font, whatever. It’s bad design. 


On 11/3/2021 at 3:38 PM, Hawaiian Coasters 325 said:

Wow some of you are so hateful to those who spent all that time designing this. While I do agree the logo could've been a little better, I think they did an excellent job with it. They worked really hard on this logo and I think we should settle down and appreciate it. This is giving me flashbacks to the Orion announcement and to when the blueprints got leaked. 

They got paid to do a job. It’s not like it was a community service project that they donated their time for (hopefully) so no, I don’t feel the need to cut slack. It’s bad design. The designers might have had their hands tied by higher ups, so then it’s their fault as well, but at some level, someone decided this was “good enough” and that’s what it looks like. And no, I’ve not been paid by the park to design a logo, so I’m not going to waste time coming up with “what I would’ve done”. 

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