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Behind the Scenes at PKI (1998)


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What a great find! It's a little cheesy, but it's fantastic (and the music used is great too)! It's so cool to see all the old rides and park looked back in the day.


I've actually been to the greenhouse as well as the "Entertainment office" as an employee - I recognized that stairway and signage before they even showed "Cavey". Also, while watching the video, I recognized someone that I've seen and worked with at the park when I was there. :D Finally, I had a smaller Taz plush when I was a kid very similar to the one displayed in the "Games" section; in fact, IIRC, my parents won a very large Taz plush at the park that we kept for many years.

And here's another Fast Fact: Those are the Newsboys playing on stage during the entertainment montage (well, Peter Furler, Phil Joel and Duncan Phillips, at least); they must have recorded that during SpritSong!

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