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Storm damage at Winterfest


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Several things I noticed last night at Winterfest:

The big tree in the middle on the Bandstand was missing.

The trees and decorations were missing from some of the ice cubes on Snowflake Lake

The stand up stars near Delirium were missing

The live menorah display was missing (this may be intentional since Hanukkah is over)

The reason I bring this up is because clearly the storm ravaged the park. I can only imagine what it looked like Saturday morning. Clearly countless people worked very hard to get the park operational for Saturday night. If I didn’t go as often as I do I’d have never noticed.

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My fiancé and I were there last night. I was genuinely surprised at how well everything looked. Not for cynical reasons, but because of the sheer force of that storm. They did a great job getting everything up to snuff! We had a great night. Kudos to the staff for their work! 


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Park employees definitely deserve some special recognition for their efforts.

Not only for putting the park "back together" after such a storm but for putting the park in front of their own needs.

We had gusts up to 65mph on the southern shores of Lake Erie.  Lake Erie reportedly had waves around 15', which is pretty crazy for how shallow the lake is.

Although nothing compares to what happened to the people impacted by the 30+ tornados Friday night/ Saturday morning.  I can only hope their will rebuild quickly & come back better than ever.

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