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17 hours ago, Hawaiian Coasters 325 said:

^^yeah does anyone know why the webcams are down? Are they upgrading them like Cedar Point did? If so, I kinda want to have a webcam for each area (Rivertown, Coney, Action Zone, and I-street)

Am I missing something?  Hasn't KI had no live cams since Orion's construction?  If so, they're gone and don't expect to see them again unless the park says otherwise.

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1 hour ago, disco2000 said:

The webcams came back after Orion was done and disappeared when Eiffel Tower started getting repainted.

Whoops, must've missed that indeed.  It's been a long 2 years.  :)

So now it's really odd they keep pulling the cams.  If they were upgrading them, that should be doable in a day before anyone noticed they were gone.  What are they up to?

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