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Ghost Hunters Episode 10th Anniversary


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The "Roller Ghoster" episode of Ghost Hunters filmed at Kings Island first aired 10 years ago today! I remember it was a huge deal at school when it came out. Still a pretty entertaining watch today...and it certainly has some nice shots of the park in the 2011-12 off-season.

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9 hours ago, CorkscrewMcPuke said:

Was never really a fan of that show myself, especially when it revolves around the death of an actual person. Seems a tad disrespectful to me.

I agree with you, plus their methods were not that great. During the KI show, they were checking out WWC. They blamed everything out there on the trees and dismissed all accounts of reports. Not to say the trees were a factor in the "activity", but to totally dismiss the possibly of any real ghost activity reported by employees seemed very odd and disappointing. Maybe it was just me because that was the area I was hoping they would investigate the most besides the IR. 

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I think their methods work the best. They look to debunk reports/sightings 1st. When you can't do that, then what's left is evidence. I've watched several other similar types of shows, and their methods are basically, believe what is said or seen 1st and work to prove that correct. That's the polar opposite of legitimate investigating.

I'm not sure what is meant by disrespectful when it revolves around the death of an actual person. ALL of their investigations revolve around deaths of actual people. They do not investigate urban legends. 

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