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Another ride to be fully refreshed for the 2022 season


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The good news just keeps coming out of Kings Island for the 50th Golden Celebration. We knew learned that the Wurlitzer Band Organ would be fully refurbished back in December, but it doesn’t stop there. The entire Grand Carousel (model number PTC #79) has will be meticulously refurbished for the 2022 season!

More info:


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5 hours ago, IndyGuy4KI said:

I wonder if they will replace all of them with the Vintage LED bulbs? Something like this:

ST18 LED Filament Bulb - 60W Equivalent Vintage Light Bulb - 12V DC - 350  Lumens | Super Bright LEDs

Source: https://d114hh0cykhyb0.cloudfront.net/images/uploads/led-vintage-light-bulb-st18-filament-socket.jpg 


I believe they already have LED filament bulbs on the carousel. During Winterfest, I was talking to my brother, who has an eye for things like that, and we noticed that the bulbs didn't look like the traditional incandescent bulbs, but rather like what's pictured above. I remember about 10 or so years ago they had solid white LED bulbs.

7 hours ago, Shaggy said:

...and the little oval mirrors...


This. I've noticed several of those mirrors missing, along with one of the big ones. Even some ornamented wood pieces were missing from the mirrors and rounding boards. Hopefully those will be remedied too.

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