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Current Remnants of Past Attractions 50th Anniversary Edition


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With the 50th anniversary coming up, we need to update the main pages current remnants page. It has not been updated in some time, and either needs removed or updated. I want this to be the members site, so we will use this thread to allow KIC members to post what they see for this year, and I will update that page on the main site.

For it to be added to the main site's page, please provide a pic of what you see and we will use that as the resource for the new entry. We can also validate old entries or prove them inaccurate at this point. Lets have fun with this!



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  • IndyGuy4KI changed the title to Current Remnants of Past Attractions 50th Anniversary Edition

I’m just spit firing here but:

A lot of the queue structures for Orion consists of old Firehawk queue. This includes the greeter booth, which was Firehawk’s photo booth. 

The parking lot marquis was originally designed to look like the entrance gate to Paramount Studios. The structure has been modified but it is still apparent as to what it was. 

The Action FX Theater is still standing and was used as a Haunt until 2019. There is a tech services workshop under it. 

Part of the Dinosaurs Alive! trail is still in the woods by Orion. The Dinos and electronics have all been removed but the path and rope handrails remain intact. 

There are still stickers in many of the food locations windows saying, “Mobile ordering coming soon!” from when the park thought they were going to try to pull off mobile ordering. 


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