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Return of the Mayflies- silver2005's 2022 TR and planning for Cedar Point and Indiana Beach


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So, I've got my trip plan in place for this summer after going over a lot of finances.  While I was initially planning on slapping on Waldameer to this trip, I thought otherwise and will be reducing it to 2 days at Cedar Point (which I essentially have pre-paid in full with a loaded Platinum pass) and my first trek to Indiana Beach prior to that.  I will also be heading to downtown Cleveland, mainly for the Rock and Roll HOF, maybe a Guardians game even if the Reds aren't up there (not likely).  Looking at a late July venture.  I know CP (staying in Port Clinton per usual) and Cleveland alright (could use dining suggestions for downtown Cleveland), but I could use any suggestions on my first Indiana Beach trip.

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I have family that lives in Cleveland so I know a bit about the place! I have some great (and affordable) dining options that we usually stop by in downtown Cleveland.

-Momocho (Really good Mexican food and I think you can get a good deal on tacos during happy hour.)

-Sweet Moses (This is an ice cream parlor, but the place is so cute and it is delicious!)

-Slyman's Restaurant (Not very pricey, but you have to get the pastrami and corned beef sandwich! This restaurant is kind of like a deli style.)

-Lola Bistro (This is a bit more pricey, but it is definetly worth it! The bistro was opened by an Iron Chef winner and judge!)

Anyways, hope that helps!


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I'm probably going to pull a malem and do IB the day I go there.  Afterwards, I will likely be staying in the Ft Wayne area en route to Port Clinton/Sandusky since the lodging options around IB are few.  The northern Ohio portion will be entirely dictated on weather to get the most out of 2 days at CP (I have platinum with the meal and drink plans and all season FL+).  I will be leaving Indiana super early the morning after IB. The rest of the trip will be one day for Port Clinton Beach ERT and one for Cleveland and R&R HOF ERT.

EDIT: I'm realizing that IB news is hard to come by.  The park's website doesn't have ride info up.  It does appear the Schwartzkopf looper will be done on time as most of the updates I have seen are from January with a good chunk of it up.  It should go up quick considering its meant to be a portable coaster. 

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^My idea is pretty much having the entire trip revolve around Cedar Point.  I want to hit CP between Monday and Thursday (2 days), allowing me to swap days with going to Cleveland and Port Clinton beach ERT in case of how weather affects things.   Doing IB on a Friday or Sunday is the plan. 

I need to get the budget down soon, too.  A small part of me is still allowing for Waldameer to be re-added.  I should be booking before Mother's Day (still some loose ends on things).  

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Upon my route planning for the trip to get around having to use I-80/90 in Indiana, I stumbled upon a eureka moment.  US 24, which looks to be a decent highway, runs from around Indiana Beach all the way through Ft Wayne (where I want to stay) to Toledo (where I know my way to Pt Clinton/Sandusky by memory).  

I've also never been that deep into Indiana before and this will be my first time going through Indianapolis.  

Anyone here know if the whole of Toledo highways are still under construction (was that way the last time I went through)?

I'm just gonna wing it for Cleveland. 

Itinerary looks something like this-

Sunday- Leave Cincy, Indiana Beach all day, stay in Ft Wayne (this is a lloooonnnngg day). 

Monday- Ft Wayne to Port Clinton, get some beach time, maybe explore downtown Port Clinton

Tuesday-Wednesday- Point of Cedar

Thursday- Cleveland exploring, R&R HOF

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