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What kind of wood does Mystic Timbers use?

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1 hour ago, FUN&ONLY! said:

While Mystic Timbers does use Southern Yellow Pine for the structure, at least some of the track uses IPE wood that is supposed to be much stronger than Southern Yellow Pine.

Can we even consider the track anymore with all the different types of engineered woods they are using these days?

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2 hours ago, flightoffear1996 said:

I think Son of Beast used the same Southern Yellow Pine.  Keep in mind the forces on Son of Beast were likely far more than those on Mystic Timbers.

Also, RCCA neglected to add additional bents to areas of the ride that had higher g-forces.

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As a structural engineer, I'd say Southern Pine for a coaster constructed in Ohio sounds about right. If concerned about strength, the commercial grade of lumber is often more important than its species. The strength of connections between adjoining members is also just as important as the species and grade of lumber.

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