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Boo Blasters “Blasters”


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Besides some of the targets not working and specific animatronics on certain days, I’d say Boo Blasters has run pretty good these past several years. However I was curious if anybody knows why the blasters themselves no longer make sound effects when firing, when to my knowledge every other Cedar Fair Boo Blasters, “blasters” makes sound effects? I don’t know why it’s that important to me, but for some reason it’s makes the ride more enjoyable! 

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It may be just me but the one the grandkids and I were on looked like it had new guns.  They also seemed to work better.  We had no sound effects, maybe it was the new guns?  Guess you can always make a "pew pew" noise when you shoot.  It would be great if everyone started doing that, it would be our custom sound effect for the ride :)

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