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New Water Park Resort Receives Green Light

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Why would they do anything for PKI season pass holders? I think some are thinking this is going to be something it is not.

I think you are wrong. Why would they not do it? If they came to PKI and said, we want to exist next to you, but do not want to make more waves (no pun intended) than needed, Can we work some kind of deal out with one another? I am sure there will be numerous package deals in the works for both PKI & Great Wolf. I can see Great Wolf telling PKI they will let the PKI season pass holders in for free, and those that buy a day pass to PKI at a discounted price, if PKI sells Great Wolf, day passes at a discounted price. Its a win-win situation. PKI in turn gets a big new hotel/resort right next door, keeping its park filled most of the time, and Great Wolf gets more guests as well, and also portrays a better image than that of just trying to steal some of PKI's guests., considering they will be right next door to PKI. I could see PKI season pass holders getting in to Great Wolf in the middle of winter for free or cheaper rate when PKI is closed.

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I don't know if they'd let season pass holders in for free, but I do see your point with the discount. They'll bank on all of you who come to PKI 4 or 5 times a season, but live quite a distance away (so you can justify a pass, but need lodging). Thus the lodge will be "the place to stay if you're going to PKI". That's really what they need. Hopefully they'll have atleast semi-competitive prices too after the novelty wears off.

Side note- It was on the news last night. They showed clips of CP's lodge.

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I'd be almost certain that there will be some sort of package resort deal that contains tickets to PKI. Even hotels a few exits away offer package deals from time to time, so it makes sense the resort next door will.

Kings Island sells blocks of discounted tickets to hotels to resale or use in packages. I worked for a hotel chain and was responsible for developing front desk operational procedures for these sorts of packages. I worked on package projects for PKI, PCW, BGT, BGW, Disneyland, etc. It's not at all unusual for hotels with no direct relationship to the park to offer lodging/park combo packages.

As far as package deals at CP...I got a great one this year! During the week before labor day, for $340 TOTAL for two people we got:

--Two nights at the Breakers (granted, not a great room, though)

--Two "starlight" tickets to the park

--Two full-day tickets to the park

--Buy one/get one free tickets to Soak City (but, it was too cool to go...)

--Four free tickets to Challenge Park (two rounds each of putt-putt, basically)

--$30 in "Munch Money"

It was a fantastic deal...the weather was ok (sunny, but kind of coolish) and the park was practically empty. (The longest wait was 20 minutes for TTD...front seat of Raptor was never more than 5 minutes!) It was a great "mini vacation."


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Even with a discount you'll need a secound morgage on the house to stay there.

Campsite about $ 20 a night $25 with a big Mc Donald breakfest. At the camp

Hearing some drunk puke his guts out then wanting to go ride the S.O.B

at 4:00am and get a little night stick shampoo from PKI security. PRICELESS!

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