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Old double decker buses


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I know this is an old thread, but my boss owns those 2 double decker busses. He said he bought them at Kings Island when it was owned by Taft. One of them is still parked on SR 32 in Mt Carmel near Eastgate Mall in between Grays Towing and High on the Hill. He has the other one on his property.

Id like to get some more info on this, hopefully some pictures when they were in service.

I can take some photos of the one on 32, but its in pretty rough shape.

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4runneradam, do you still know anything about where the other bus your boss bought is? Not the one by High on the Hill but the other one that might have been  used at the Kings Island Inn. I'm really interested in finding it for reseach/history purposes only.

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The photos @4runneradam shared back in 2011 were uploaded to Imageshack, which unfortunately purged many users' photos a few years later. For posterity's sake, here they are re-uploaded directly to the forums.



(@4runneradam if you don't want the photos re-uploaded, please let me know and I'll remove them from my post)

You can see the location of the bus here: https://goo.gl/maps/Qfcz8RCS1E1GsMeG7



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Thanks @TombraiderTy these photos will be of interest for others in the future, but I had seen them before. I was actually looking for the other bus that @4runneradam mentioned his boss bought from Tafta (admittedly, 11 years ago!). The green one in the pictures is a Bristol Lodekka with former UK licence plate SRU 982 parked by High on the Hill. I'm looking for another double decker bus which was at the Kings Island Inn in the early 70s and starred in The Brady Bunch. It had licence plate MXX 231 and is known as an AEC RLH, number 31.

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I talked with him just now.  I showed him this picture, and he said "yea, thats it".  1952 model.  I wrote down the MXX231 number and told him to see if thats whats on it.  He says he has the title for it, and it "starts and runs" but that was likely 20-30 years ago.  

He also said he once had a 3rd bus but sold it years ago.

I asked him if he would be interested in selling it, as I've had a few inquiries over the years about it, and he said he would. I told him I could come over and photograph it for him.  So, if anyone out there is SERIOUS about purchasing this bus, get with me.  May or may not be the MXX231, but its definitely a 50's British double decker bus that may be in running condition.  


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Can't remember where I came across this photo - either somewhere on here or on Facebook.



Later on, Kings Island Inn used retired school buses in place of double-decker buses.  

This late-70s International, seen in a 1994 photo, came up for sale on Facebook Marketplace a couple years ago.  Not sure what happened to it after that.  (Photos are courtesy of the seller.)




The inn was operating three buses when they closed up shop.  Two of these were auctioned off in running and driving condition and one was sold for scrap as a non-runner.



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