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Phantom Theater

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offtopic.gif SDATHC has a plot If ya wanna know what it is PM me... Ok I perfer SDATHC over PT because well I have always wanted a Scooby Dark ride ever since I checked out Carowinds scooby dark ride you have to admit PT was dull and boring toward the end of its life at PKI( no one cared about it & the figures were falling apart!) now that building is popular once again and I love what they did with the place biggrin.gif
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Off topic, but Gabriel, are you planning on flying over IJST anytime soon? It has been a couple weeks since the tour and I`m sure they have acomplished something more since the tour. Sorry for being off topic.

Back on topic. I find Scooby to be a fun ride. Although I do miss the animatronics and originality that came with Phantom Theater. Scooby keeps be coming back though trying to get a high score.

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Seeing the pics is great, and I listen to my audio recordings now and then too.  Crucify me if you want, but I'm so glad that I have them, for obvious reasons.

Do you actually have the ride recordings, or a recording of you riding the Theater? I'm guessing the latter based on your profile.

Yes I have recordings of me riding it. This was one of the first things that I brought up over on the old boards and the legality of it came into question, but like I said I'm glad that I have them since PT is no longer around.

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As much as I love Scooby Doo, the Phantom Theater was something truly unique. No other park in the world had a Phantom Theater. The cast was original, even though the music seemed to borrow heavily from Bettlejuice and Tales from the Crypt. It really is a pity that PT is gone.

Have a great off season!

Italian Chef


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Let's not label the music's faults now. What's wrong with Beetlejuice and Tales from the Crypt? You can't go wrong with Danny Elfman...unless it's 1989, you love the DC Batman comics, and think that Elfman couldn't score a super hero film if his life depended on it.

500th post...Bonus.

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