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Could longer ques cut down on wait times?


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No one likes going through long que lines but they serve a purpose. When I’m at the park, I often wonder if it would be beneficial to open up the entire que line, regardless of park attendance. I’ve experienced this on trips to Busch Gardens and it’s not that bad; I’m still walking so I don’t really feel like I’m waiting. Of course there will always be people who try to hop the lines and that can be handled by security. My argument is, if people continue to walk throughout the que, they won’t necessarily be “waiting” in line.

I’m not saying that Banshee needs to have the whole que open, the same with Racer and the inside part of Flight of Fear, but there are some rides that I think would benefit. When Firehawk left, Flight of Fear absorbed its old que. I personally think having people walk through the old Firehawk que before entering the Flight of Fear building would shorten lines. The same can be said for Diamondback and the part of the que line that runs parallel to the lift hill.

Am I off on this? Would this be something that you’d want to see? I remember walking the old White Water Canyon que and loving the feeling of not having to wait as long; the same can be said for The Bat.

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I understand what you're trying to say but the effect would only really be noticeable on light days and then you risk more seats going empty because people aren't getting to the station in time. On any other day, the time it takes to walk the switchbacks is too small to notice compared to the overall wait.

Honestly, any time a bunch of switchbacks are open that don't need to be, I just check that I'm not cutting in front of someone and safely climb through the railings and no one minds.


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If the queue is a path with interesting things to see where it's not easy to jump ahead a bunch of rows, people might comply.  Otherwise?  Any time I've seen more rows open than necessary, almost everyone just jumps through/over the rails.  Even going so far as to wait for me to walk around and then rail jump behind me.

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I have seen instances where the ride ops have called a person out for line jumping by climbing thru the railings and made them go back to the entrance and start again.

Then there is the safety issue of guests jumping/climbing thru the railings.

Then there is the additional cleaning and trash removal at the end of the night for more queue being open.

The goal is only open enough queue as is necessary to keep line from overflowing the entrance to minimize disruption, trash, accidents, etc., all that happen when more queue than is necessary is open.

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