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Blog: Like mother, like daughter: Dance passion runs deep for Phantom Theater Encore performer


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Wow...what another great human interest story and blog that puts people at the heart of the events.

Great story telling and giving the reader someone to relate to and taps into our natural curiosity in the lives of others.  I am sure many of us have seen the shows the mother was in back in the early 90s (but also many here were not even born yet LOL) and encourages us to go see the new show.

It is story telling like this blog and the previous one on the twin boys in Off the Rails that pique people's interest and provides another reason to maybe go catch the event.

This is the type of stuff the media should pick up on.  The Enquirer and local news outlets are always doing human interest stories, and these would be perfect free marketing for the park outside of the park domain channels to reach potential customers.

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