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Six Flags Great America 8/15/2022


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I was planning to come to SFGAm for over a month since I was going to be in Chicago area.  I had about 3 hours to spend at the park.

With the shooting last night in the parking lot, I really did not know what to expect.  I got to the park around 2 pm.  There was no parking lit attendant.  No one was collecting $35 parking fee or checking parking pass.  It may be that they are having staffing issue or something but not expected.  There were several Gurnee police cars patrolling the lot though.  

About 1/4 of the rides were closed including Maxx Force, Viper, and American Eagle.  I was looking forward to Maxx Force.  Oh well... 

Only new coaster credit was The Joker (416).  Interesting coaster but not something impressive. 

Goliath is still a wonderful coaster.  I enjoy these original RMC wooden coasters much better than retrofit steel RMC coasters. 

X-Flight, Batman and Raging Bull were just as I remembered them.  They are enjoyable B&M coasters yet none of them stand out. 

Later on, Viper opened back up.  This is an underrated wooden coaster.  Another one of those Cyclone clones but it this is much better than original.  

Overall, I was not really impressed with this park.  This park used to be one of the better run SF parks but not sure anymore.  This is my last trip to this park for 2022.  I am hoping that things improve for Six Flags and see new investments in these parks in the near future.  




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I enjoy Whizzer but did not have time to ride it today.  I do love the history behind that coaster.  Very unique one at that. 

I really did not like Iron Wolf. For that matter, I am not a fan of stand up coasters.  

Goliath is a good wooden coaster.  I still like Lightning Rod and Outlaw Run better though.  This will get the longest wait out of all rides here. 

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