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Season Fast Lane Plus.. Use during Haunt?


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This year I went bougie and got the season long Fast Lane Plus (which TBH has been great.) 

I saw you can't use it for a Fright Lane Pass during Haunt, but can you use it as a regular FLP for rides during Haunt (and the Halloween daytime dates?)

(I know it's no good during Winterfest, and that's fine.)

I appreciate any info anyone can give me.



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22 minutes ago, jsus said:

The reason why Fright Lane is excluded is that's a different product.  You can get one, the other, or both (or neither!).  Otherwise, it's good every operating day of the season it's issued for until they change the terms.

Unless you're at other CF parks, where renewals also get a Fright Lane pass to use. 

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5 hours ago, BeeastFarmer said:

Unless you're at other CF parks, where renewals also get a Fright Lane pass to use. 

OP is asking about all season FLP, not the promo to get a one day FLP wristband with a new/renewed pass, thus that's what I was referring to.

Fast Lane (Plus) and Fright Lane are two different products, sold separately.  All season FLP does not include Fright Lane; you'd have to buy that separately.  All season FLP is valid during Haunt, for FLP, not for Fright Lane.

Any renewal bonuses are subject to the terms offered by each park.  I wasn't aware of any parks allowing the renewal bonus to be used toward Fright Lane, but I haven't been keeping track.  Where have you seen that?

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WE DON'T TALK ABOUT FIGHT LANE, PEOPLE! (That happens behind The Beast at noon on Saturdays.... I've said too much.)

But thanks everyone for their answers. When I picked up my Fast Lane Pass at the Help Desk on Thursday, I wanted to make sure she used the season FLP, not the promo one (so I can share it with a friend later.) She said something about it nor being valid after August 31. I was not clear what she was talking about, and when I looked on the website, it said the promo was good until sometime in October. In the end, I can't find anything about the promos that expire August 31.


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