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What will Ceder Point get in 06'?

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You CP fans need to wake up and drink up a big old cup of reality about space at the park. They have been struggling for space for rides. I love the park but understand its on an island. Why do you think they went with Wicked Twister and TTD? It’s called a low space ride. I love CP but hate the way they cram everyone in there. The parking lot is the future. I like the idea that someone had about shuttles. How big of a pain in the rear would that be though.

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I never claimed to be an expert. Actually I get annoyed by those who think they are. But look at the pictures of the park and you can see how much one of those mega coasters take up. Other than the parking lot I don’t see it. Shut me up and shoe me all the space is all I am saying

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^ I'd have to agree with Familyman on this one. Everyone keeps on telling me Cedar Point has tons and tons of room and that space is no problem at all for them. Everyone keeps on telling me there are pictures showing all this space, I'd love to see them and I've asked several times for someone to show me one of these pictures, but no one ever has. So lets see all of the room and prove me wrong.

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