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Tomb Raider: FireFall

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There may be some truth to what was said about Paramount going all out for the theming at PKI, but i think that will change in the next few years:

*All parks except PGA have an excellently themed Scooby Dark ride

*PCW has IJ:ST, and I think that is the extent of their 'heavily themed rides.

*PGA has an incredibly well themed Nick Central, and Boomerang Bay.

*PKD has FoF, and Volcano.

*PC has Borg, and their new Nick Central.

*PKI has TR:TR, IJ:ST, FoF, Adventure Express(still very well themed), Nick Central, and Boomerang Bay.

I didn't count any of the Top Guns, because none of theme are heavily themed, nor did I count PCW's TR:TR, because it wasn't either, and I'm not sure how themed Tomb Raider will be at PKD. So while PKI has the most heavily themed attractions, I think that that is going to spread over the entire chain within the next few years. It will probably all start with the move to switch over to Nick attractions in the kiddy lands. I think PKD and PKI will follow Carowinds in that department for 2006.

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