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Which is the smoothest coaster at PKI?


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.... The Vortex is smooth but so very jerky :P

Extra credit for Here is Trouble! I agree that The Vortex is very smooth, but for a lot of guests, especially the shorter ones, some people do have tendancies to knock their heads into the OTSRs. I personally don't have a problem with it... they only jerky part that I see is when it has the extraneouos twist of the track before the double vertical loop.

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Yeah, seems ironic (moronic), doesn't it. I think the GP is being spoiled by B&M and Intamin. Now, they expect every steel coaster to be extremely smooth.

I'm not so sure if you could call it being spoiled. Many people want steelies to be smooth, because most people don't like pain, unlike myself. I ENDURE pain...MUAH HA HA...

But really, Arrow certainly paved the road in steel technology, now Intamin and B&M are making some repairs to the asphalt, if you will. I think steelies should be fairly smooth to begin with, but that's just my opinion. For me, the smoother steelies let me really take in the speed and forces and scenery of a coaster. On a ride like Millennium Force, I can really take in how fast the train whips around the track because it's so smooth.

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