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2023 KIC Off Season Poll Series Week IV: What Was Your Favorite IAAPA Announcement?


IAAPA 2022 Thoughts  

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We are officially out of IAAPA week! A time when industry professionals and up-and-comers alike come together to announce new innovative options for their parks and their companies. This year we had several very interesting announcements, from lead car showings, to new coaster models for parks to explore for their guests. What was your favorite announcement from IAAPA 2022 and as a sub poll for the comments, what new attraction/showcased attraction would you like to see come to KI in the future?

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WoF fan and years long patron here, so as much as I Love my RMCs. Zinger's lead car won out.... plus Wildcat's Revenge lead car was predictable.  As for future KI installs, Wildcat 2.0 or something like Zinger in general layout, only without the spiral lift (nostalgia move that needs to be kept to that one coaster) and if GCI does it with the same titan track at least one inversion, preferably 2 with a full 360 and one or more stalls.

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I'm super excited to see any defunct coaster types go back into production so my vote was the Premier- Schwarzkopf WildCat 2.0 Schwarzkopf had some of the most unique looking coaster and flat ride designs out there and I'm for reviving any and all of them! 


I personally was really excited about the standup retuning in the form of Sea World Surf Coaster seeing as I'm a standup fan and their numbers are dwindling. Hopefully that ride is very successful! 


I really want to see the Arrow Suspended Coaster model make a comeback. Those are so much fun and I am so thankful we still have 2 in Ohio of the 5 remaining. Long live The Bat and Iron Dragon! 

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