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KI ranked most affordable Amusement Park


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I read the news article and it references another site, except the link goes to the sites homepage and I cannot find the source article on that site.  So I have to trust the article.

The news article does discuss how this might be true.  They are saying the whole vacation is cheaper, so they are including hotels, transportation which they call out Uber, etc.  The pricing assumes a family of 4, consisting of 2 adults, and 2 children.

Frankly it feels worthless.  So much of this is based on variable expenses, and who decides on a park to travel to based on these specific criteria?  Parks like Kings Island are called regional parks for a reason.

I saw an article a few months ago that compared parks based on cost per an attraction.  It divided the ticket cost by number of attractions then ranked the parks based on that.  If I remember right Cedar Point actually ends up first due to its number of flat rides and Kings Island is in the top few as well.  

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Regardless of how you judge it, for the amount of rides/rollercoasters the Cedar Fair parks have, they are very affordable. I traveled a bit over last summer and here's what I found - 

Kings Island: I have a pass but my extended family doesn't. They paid $20 to park and about $45 per ticket. Not bad at all for a large scale park. Food is average in price 

Cedar Point: usually about $30ish to park I think but they sometimes have a deal. Tickets usually range from $45-$55 whenever I've bought them. Food is very expensive here in My opinion 

Busch Gardens Williamsburg/Tampa: $30 parking and tickets can be over $100 if they aren't running a deal. Even the deals are around $60 for entry. Food is expensive 

Knoebles Amusement Park: Free Parking but I dropped $60+ on tickets for 4 hours and never came close to riding everything...I think an all day ride pass (sold during the week) is around $40. Food is very affordable here I think!

Kennywood: free parking if you want to walk a longer distance. Was about $50 a person when my sister and I went last year. Food was normal pricing

Six Flags Parks: Usually anywhere from $20-$30 parking, since price increases tickets have been high $50-$70 for 1 day depending on park. Food is also average to a bit expensive I think. 

Universal Studios: $30 parking and for 1 day to 1 park it's a minimum of $109 and if you want to go to both is a minimum of $164. Food is kinda high too I think.... this place is clearly expensive

That's just a few examples. So while there are probably "cheaper" parks than KI, for what you are paying for and the amount of attractions you get, KI is very affordable. 

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