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Splash Mountain water for sale...

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Not sure what to say on this one other than Disney consistently misses opportunities to make money....why didn't they package up some splash mountain water and have Iger sign the certificate and sell it for souvenirs? I mean Cedar Fair sold off Vortex super quick and I'm pretty sure wicked Twister didn't last too awful long either. We still have Kings Island offering cool collectables like racer and beast wood, Eiffel Tower paint chips, And Railroad Spikes or something like that. Don't forget about the vintage Coney island books too! 

The reason Disney missed out on this golden opportunity to make a bunch of cash off of the remaining splash mountain fans (which according to fan petitions are up around 100k) is the same reason they refuse to release the theatrical versions of Star Wars (unless there's a secret deal with George that prohibits it). I'm just saying that Disney consistently misses opportunities to make some money and instead does stupid stuff like axing magical express, and fast pass, and  raising prices....

Guess this is why I'm not in the financial industry or marketing industry because the whole pay more for less motto numerous companies have adopted doesn't make sense to me. I will say it right here right now Thank You Cedar Fair for the Free Year of Gold Passes (2021) and thank you for not raising prices drastically, and thank you for still delivering great new attractions and for maintaining some of the older ones too! So lucky to have KI as my home park! 

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