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'The Following Attractions Will Not Operate Today" sign


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Earlier this week, I was discussing the apps that most parks - including Kings Island - are adopting as a hub for guest information.

In the conversation, I brought up the fact that prior to web technology, guests never knew if any attractions would be closed for the day, until they arrived at the park.

The person to whom I was speaking seemed flabbergasted by that.  I explained that KI used a sign outside the main gate to indicate to guests prior to buying tickets (or entering the park) what, if any, rides would be closed that day.

The sign was to the right of the main entrance, before you reached the ticket booths (that are no longer there.)  The sign had various rules, like guest code of conduct, but at the bottom it had an area known as the "closed rides" sign.

It simply said "The Following Attractions Will Not Operate Today" and underneath had slots where plaques with ride names would be slid in or out, if they were closed.

The sign was there from the first visit I made back when the (original) Bat was new (in addition, The Bat closures also forced the park to set up sandwich boards in the entry plaza telling of its closure for the day.)

But I also remember the ride closure sign being there through the majority of the Paramount years.

I was wondering if anyone knew the exact year it was removed?  Possibly the same time they removed the ticket booths?

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  • Shaggy changed the title to 'The Following Attractions Will Not Operate Today" sign

One thing I'll also add:

Originally, you were given the park guide/map by the cashier when you paid to park.  If a major ride was closed, they'd also sometimes include a insert with the park guide saying the attraction was closed.

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The first year I purchased a gold pass was 2012, and the sign was still in operation at that time. I remember seeing Drop Tower was closed for the day. I wanna say 2013 was the last year, as they added a souvineer cup stand/advertisement with the Banshee logo on the background in 2014 that was blocking the sign (which was turned off), and then it was removed shortly there after.

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