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Camp Snoopy Construction Updates

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Since no thread has been created yet, I decided to make a thread specifically for construction updates on Camp Snoopy. As the summer season starts to come to a close and Haunt and Winterfest quickly approaches, we will likely start seeing construction start soon. As we follow construction, I just want to remind everyone of a few ground rules from past construction update threads:

* No trespassing. I know this may seem like a common sense rule, but those who have been around on here for awhile may remember that during the construction of Banshee someone snuck into the construction area to get photos. Suffice it to say that the park was not happy, do not do it again!

* Along those same lines, make sure any photos taken are from appropriate areas. Absolutely no taking photos from rides unless it is from the Eiffel Tower.

* If you share a photo that isn't yours, you must provide the source where it came from.

* Make sure that conversations are done in a polite manner. Every once in a while we'll see some debates that get out of hand. Please let's try to not have that this time.

* During construction/decoding seasons KIC gets a lot of new visitors posting on here so it is important that everyone knows the terms of service. You can find the terms of service here: https://KICentral.com/forums/index.php?/topic/4128-terms-of-service/

* The final rule is have fun. Construction season is always an exciting time here on KIC.

Here's to another season of construction as we see the construction of Snoopy's Soap Box Racers family boomerang coaster and the refreshed Camp Snoopy! 

Let's start with photos of I took of the area pre construction that we can compare to the finished product as a before and after when it is done!







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According to this article, it was said construction would begin this fall. https://attractionsmagazine.com/expanded-camp-snoopy-at-kings-island-includes-new-kids-roller-coaster/

Adventure Port began construction mid October. However, that was an October announcement and last minute addition. Maybe they're waiting to get Haunt started to begin construction? I'm also wondering if they could still do the nativity thing during Winterfest in the old theater area where beagle scout acres is going. All they would need to do is block off the left side of it for construction of Soapbox Racers and then once WF is finished, start construction of Beagle Scout Acres.

Does anyone know how technically how long a family boomerang takes to construct? With it being a cloned layout and not that large of a ride, I would think they could get it put up within a few months. 

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3 hours ago, Orion742 said:

Any new updates so far? I hope the park gets things going soon if they want a spring opening for camp snoopy.
In the video showcasing CS it just said 2024 so I hope it isn’t a summer opening.

It’s safe to assume Camp Snoopy won’t be opened “on time” (Opening day). However It will be open by Memorial Day Weekend.

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